We sat down with Guy Schweitzer, Director of MGN Civil to hear about his experience using sitemobi.

“sitemobi has saved our business valuable time and effort, which has allowed our Directors to focus on what is important. Since adopting the software, we have experienced substantial growth from $2M to $18M turnover. We would not be able to cope with the workload using our old systems.” 

How were you first introduced to sitemobi?

Through Tony at Keller – he suggested we trial it. We were a relatively small operation at the time, so we thought it would be worthwhile getting a trial. Joel came out to site and gave us a demo and then we trialled and signed up for the software.

Which construction management systems did you have in place prior to trialling sitemobi?

Excel spreadsheets and paperwork, for example handwritten diaries at site. These were sent to me in the mail and I manually input the information. There was a lot of double-triple checking and the possibility of errors being input.

What made you decide to trial the software?

We took it on full time from February 2017. With the projected growth of the business, I wanted to adopt a more efficient way of working. Now we have 20-25 men on the ground and 20+ pieces of equipment across all projects.

Which construction management challenges does it solve?

Our number of projects has now ballooned, so use of the old systems wouldn’t be possible with the amount of work that they have on now.

Since using sitemobi, what have been the key benefits to your business?

Saving a heap of time by reducing or eliminating data entry processes and increasing accuracy of information. This has allowed me to focus on business development and more important aspects of the business. For the first few months, I was double checking the numbers more, but I barely do it now as I trust the system and that he data is not lost.  I have faith in the system and it takes less time now that I’m familiar with it. All of our staff feel quite comfortable with the software. They see the value of getting the data right and inputting it in a timely fashion, as it is a much more efficient use of time, and the business partners have a vested interest to see profits.

Would you recommend sitemobi to other construction businesses? Why/why not?

Yes, absolutely. We are at the point that we don’t want to change out of it. I really enjoy using it now; it sure beats data entry! Data entry takes so long, and as an engineer, I’m no good at it.

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