Tech innovations for the construction phase

McKinsey & Company’s 2017 report The new age of engineering and construction technology has identified that most tech start-ups (about 1,000 companies) in construction and engineering are developing products targeted at the construction phase of projects.

The report found that the uses of new technology products in the construction phase fell into three “clusters”:
• on-site execution
• digital collaboration
• back-office integration.

Construction-phase clusters

On-site execution

One of the largest areas of difficulty for engineering and construction (E&C) companies, on-site issues range from low productivity to delays in material shipments. Tech for on-site execution includes:
• field productivity tools that track crew deployment and activities, helping companies to manage project staffing and on-site productivity
• safety monitoring tools.
• quality control applications.

Digital collaboration
Online collaboration tools allow multiple E&C stakeholders to communicate across distances and adapt plans when necessary to avoid increasing timelines and costs. They include tools for:
• design management, enabling changes to be made to project documents on site, rather than in an office
• contract management
• performance management
• document management.

Back-office integration
Integrating accounting, finance and human resources systems can help companies exploit valuable project data on finances, costs and schedules.

Cross-cluster tools and solutions
The report established that many start-ups were developing tools for multiple uses within the same cluster, but only 13% were developing cross-cluster tools. falls into this 13% of groundbreaking start-ups whose products address on-site execution, digital collaboration and back-office integration simultaneously – making us one of the few companies developing comprehensive solutions to the most pressing problems in E&C today.