The construction industry has fallen behind other sectors in terms of productivity. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2017 report, Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution, the lagging construction industry is costing the global economy $1.6 trillion a year.

How are we getting caught offside?

One contributing factor to poor productivity is the use of multiple systems on construction projects; leading to management teams working independently of one another.

Design, safety, quality, cost-tracking, and program teams all rely on each other for information and insights and therefore need to communicate effectively and work in synergy for a project to be successful.

However, there is currently a culture of frustration, due to a lack of communication, collaboration and transparency between the different disciplines on a construction project. This is because the vast majority of projects employ different autonomous systems for each team, without integration capabilities, which leads to team mates working in silos rather than working together towards a common goal.

After the shock Cowboys victory against the Roosters last weekend, many NRL supporters, especially those outside Queensland, couldn’t understand how the underdog side came away with a convincing win.

There are a few theories being proposed, but most commentators can agree on the critical role that a culture of collaboration has played in the Cowboys success.

This is evident in this week’s article entitled: “Queensland’s Origin and GF-dominating production line of talent is due to coaching, not chance

In the article, former Wallaby Ben Darwin, who now runs a company called Gain Line Analytics, says that the basic thrust behind it is the theory of cohesion. He calls it the teamwork index.

“Good teams become good teams, he argues, because of time spent together. And he has the data to prove it”.

Kicking goals

Team collaboration is also improving outcomes in the construction industry, through the use of mobile and cloud-based technology, such as Rather than using multiple systems on a project; a single platform solution helps bind teams together creating synergy.

Our software and mobile app is designed to manage the full cycle of a construction project; giving managers and engineers real-time cost capturing, cost forecasting, a fully integrated program, document management (quality, safety, design, contract) and the capturing of valuable data. also has intuitive dashboards and many reporting tools that increase control and transparency across all project teams, so that no one is left on the blind side.