What do you do?

I provide construction knowledge and experience into the functionality and design of siteoffice.mobi

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve always had a love for building things, so I always wanted to work in construction one way or another.

Proudest career moment thus far?

It’s hard to pick just 1, so I have 2 that are equally my proudest achievements:

  1. Managing the construction of the Logan Motorway Interchange; a 900m long train viaduct/bridge over the Centenary Highway and Logan Motorway. We managed to complete the viaduct 3 months ahead of schedule and over $2 million under budget.
  2. Managing my scope on the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 1 Project (GCLR). When I arrived on the project it was halfway into construction, behind schedule and over budget. During the project I began to inherit additional work where I was then managing some of the most difficult and critical scope on the project. Almost on a daily basis I was faced with near impossible tasks and problems, which nearly sent me to breaking point. I did however manage to overcome these problems and direct the team to successfully completing our scope.

Whose brain would you most like to pick?

Elon Musk and Muhammad Ali.

What inspires you?

On large infrastructure projects: seeing a group of individuals form into a team and work together to overcome all the challenges faced along the way. It really is inspiring to see the comradery form between people so quickly.

I am also inspired by the certain individuals within these teams that find that next level and lift the performance of the team during difficult stages of a project.

Favourite pastimes: 

I really love to travel both around Australia and the world.

Quote you live by:

“Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week.” – Jay Z