Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where is the data hosted?

All data is hosted in Sydney, Australia.

What type of fault tolerance processes are in place in the event of a server outage?

All data stored is replicated 3 times within the Sydney region. If your application required cross-region (outside of Australia) replication, please contact for further information.

How does sitemobi securely dispose of data?

All information, once created, permanently exists in our database and storage solutions. Information deleted via the application is removed visibly from the client, but is not erased from the database. Once ‘deleted’, it is not possible to update or change the deleted information, however information can be restored upon request by the customer.

How long is project data stored with sitemobi?

All data can be kept as long as the customer wishes. This can be seven years or longer.

If the customer chooses to keep the project data as a record, but does not intend to access it, we can move the project data to our long term storage platform. This platform provides a low cost option for our customers who require data retention for auditing purposes.


What security protocols does the software use?

All data is encrypted during transportation between services using SSL.

Does the software meet any ISO standards?

At this time, our software has not been independently certified against any ISO standards. However we have developed the software in strict accordance with ISO 27001 and 27002.

We are looking to have our software assessed against ISO 27002 in the near future.

Is my project data encrypted at rest?

Data at rest encryption is encryption when the data is not in transit (i.e moving between networks). We do not offer this as a generic feature for our customers, however if this is a necessary requirement for your business, please contact for further information.

Does the software require regular downtime or maintenance? Will I be able to access it during those times?

Due to the nature of our software, we are able to deploy the majority of our feature and maintenance updates without downtime. However, in the unlikely event that we do need to temporarily shutdown the software, we will aim to select a time and date that wont be an inconvenience during business hours. All customers will be notified in advance of the proposed date and time, as well as the outcome of the updates.


Is it possible to authenticate my project users against a third party database?

Yes, however it depends if your third party service provides and open API that our server can access.

Does the software integrate with P6 and MS Project? 


Does the software integrate with my accounting system, like xero and MYOB?

No, the software does not directly communicate with any accounting software. Instead, we provide a cost adjustments area that allows our customers to reconcile costs between their accounting software and the costs generated in sitemobi. As a result, sitemobi can always match your accounts.

Can you export data to MS Excel?

Yes, we provide MS Excel documents in the form of CSV files.

Can you export data to PDF?

Yes, you can export clipboards, diaries and progress reports to PDF.

Can we request a feature update before we begin using sitemobi?

Yes, in fact a lot of our recent updates have been at the request of our customers. We are always happy to discuss any feature requests you may have. Usually there is a 2- 6 week turn around on features depending on the complexity of the design.


Where is support for sitemobi based?

We have support teams based in Brisbane however we can travel to meet client site requirements.

How can I contact sitemobi for help with technical issues?

There are several ways to contact a representative from sitemobi

  • Call 1300 623 253
  • Email
  • Send a Help Desk Request via the software
  • Use our in-app live chat

We aim to get back to our customers within 24hrs.

Can a sitemobi representative help my business get started with your software?

Yes, we provide an implementation engineer at your convenience to help get your project started, and to better understand your business so that you can get the most out of sitemobi.

Our engineers are free to help you for as long as you feel your business requires.

Is there a trial period?

We do not offer any trial periods unless your business requires feature updates. Any trial periods due to feature requests are upon agreement between the business and sitemobi.