Technology has already facilitated vast changes in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector, but there’s still a way to go.

We posted recently on where construction tech is headed next. Research is showing us how technology is affecting our industry now and how it stands to develop in future – but how do we respond to these changes and accelerate our journey to a digital future?

McKinsey & Company addresses this question in their 2018 report, Seizing opportunity in today’s construction technology ecosystem. They include some useful action points for the coming years for AEC firms and tech providers.

How to fast track digital progress

AEC firms

  • Invest in talent and skill building by:
    • hiring people with technical expertise
    • upskilling your existing employees in new technologies and earmarking funds for capability building.
  • Engage with the startup ecosystem by:
    • investing directly or indirectly in startups
    • partnering with them for piloting or co-developing solutions.
  • Establish conditions of success for piloting and scaling by:
    • setting aside funding in order to experiment with technology
    • bringing in outside startup expertise when needed.

Tech providers

  • Listen to the end user and adapt products by:
    • working out ‘real needs’ of customers versus ‘nice-to-have’ applications.
  • Plan for the journey to integration and consolidation by:
    • finding ways to evolve towards integrated solutions that cover multiple use cases (such as on-site execution, digital collaboration and back-office integration)
    • strategising for ‘co-opetition’ (i.e. simultaneously collaborating and competing with other startups).

Looking to the future with

At, we’re one of only a handful of startups whose products span on-site execution, digital collaboration and back-office integration, which puts us ahead of the majority of other construction tech providers.

Our cloud-based, real-time construction management solution includes:

  • daily operational performance tracking
  • live cost tracking and forecasting
  • document management
  • quality control applications
  • contract management
  • safety and environment monitoring.

Our software streamlines all of these elements in one integrated, easy-to-use system, so that management teams can optimise efficiency, safety and performance on construction projects.

As builders, engineers and software developers working together, we have genuine insight into needs of the AEC sector. We’re confident of our trajectory into the future as we collaborate to solve real problems in construction.

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