Given the complex, changeable and costly nature of construction, excellent project management decisions are vital. Without them, construction sites become disorganised, inefficient, expensive and unsafe.

The technological leaps we’ve seen in recent decades can seem dizzying at times, but the reality is that they offer us unprecedented potential to improve the way we plan and execute construction projects.

In construction, basing operational and strategic decisions on data that has been consistently collected and analysed can unlock extraordinary benefits.

Better decisions

Here are some of the most compelling reasons for using big data when making decisions on construction projects.


Reliable data that spans multiple facets of a construction project over time can give the most accurate overview of how things are working. It provides a foundation for decision-making and strategising that is informed and unbiased.


Live tracking of everything – from the progress of work, to locations, costs and documentation – has been made possible by GPS, mobile and cloud-based tech. Never before have we had access to so much real-time information to guide decisions.


Construction workers with mobile phones have become frontline gatherers of data on projects. What this means for decision-makers is that they have the best possible oversight of what’s happening on site at any given time, allowing them to be more responsive to actual circumstances and variables.


Real-time reporting and universal access to cloud-based data means that different teams can draw on integrated information (relating to performance, documentation, costs, safety and more) that’s always up to date. This enables better communication, better collaboration, greater accountability, and – you guessed it – better decision-making.


Automated reporting, alerts and forecasting use data to create efficiencies. Reducing the need for manual systems saves on time and project management resources, as well as minimising the risk of human error. These consistent, reliable reports and forecasts create clarity for decision-makers.


Going forward, decisions and actions can be measured against strategic objectives. As more data is collected over time, decision-makers can see what works and what doesn’t, allowing them to plan better for the future.

Data-driven decisions with sitemobi

Our sitemobi cloud-based, real-time construction management solution includes:

  • daily operational performance tracking,
  • live cost tracking and forecasting,
  • document management,
  • quality control applications,
  • contract management,
  • safety and environment monitoring.

Our software streamlines all of these elements in one integrated, easy-to-use system, so that management teams can optimise efficiency, safety and performance on construction projects.

We can help you make better decisions – get in touch with us to find out more.