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3 ways for engineering and construction companies to go digital

As engineering and construction (E&C) companies increasingly turn their attention to digital, one of the most pressing questions is “How?” How should E&C companies be adapting in order to integrate digital technology in their businesses? There’s no neat, single answer to this question – every company is different and the industry itself is known for […]

5 tech trends driving construction in 2019

In 2019, there’s no doubt technology solutions have become entrenched in every aspect of the construction lifecycle – and they’re not going anywhere. In fact, construction technology startups received $1.05bn in investment from venture capitalists in the first half of 2018 – a record high. 5 construction tech trends to watch Here are some of […]

Construction tech: digital tools save lives and money

The safety of workers and the profitability of construction projects are paramount concerns for any construction company. Bosses who put off investing in construction tech, claiming that they need to save money or it’s too hard to overhaul their systems, place their businesses – and their workers – at a significant disadvantage. As pioneering computer […]

Construction projects need data-driven decision-making. Here’s why.

Given the complex, changeable and costly nature of construction, excellent project management decisions are vital. Without them, construction sites become disorganised, inefficient, expensive and unsafe. The technological leaps we’ve seen in recent decades can seem dizzying at times, but the reality is that they offer us unprecedented potential to improve the way we plan and […]

Tech innovations for the construction phase

Tech innovations for the construction phase McKinsey & Company’s 2017 report The new age of engineering and construction technology has identified that most tech start-ups (about 1,000 companies) in construction and engineering are developing products targeted at the construction phase of projects. The report found that the uses of new technology products in the construction […]

Construction’s digital future: how can we get there faster?

Technology has already facilitated vast changes in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector, but there’s still a way to go. We posted recently on where construction tech is headed next. Research is showing us how technology is affecting our industry now and how it stands to develop in future – but how do we […]

sitemobi shortlisted for Australian Construction Awards 2019

The sitemobi team is excited to announce that our real-time cloud-based construction project management focused software and app has been shortlisted for an Australian Construction Award (ACA) this year in the Technological Innovation of the Year category. The Australian Construction Awards are the leading construction and design awards for Australia. Hundreds of companies entered the awards in […]